[R-SIG-Mac] obsolete LaTeX software in "R CMD check" on Mac?

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Wed May 13 00:17:02 CEST 2020

Hello, All:

       Might "R CMD check" on Mac use obsolete LaTeX software?

       I ask, because "R CMD check" on my Mac started reporting LaTeX 
errors on *.Rd files that previously passed "R CMD check" without 
problems.  Dirk Eddelbuettel recommended I ask tex.stackexchange about 
that.  I did that and got the following:

             * "In a current tex system \textasciigrave should work with 
your families - they don't have the glyph but latex will fall back 
without error. In older systems it could give an error."



       Spencer Graves

p.s.  An earlier post on this issue to r-pkg-devel is copied below.

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Subject: 	[R-pkg-devel] Error: Symbol \textasciigrave not provided by 
Date: 	Sun, 16 Feb 2020 14:21:17 -0600
From: 	Spencer Graves <spencer.graves using effectivedefense.org>
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Hello, All:

       "R CMD check Ecfun_0.2-4.tar.gz" ends with 8 repetitions of the 

! Package textcomp Error: Symbol \textasciigrave not provided by
(textcomp)                font family zi4 in TS1 encoding.
(textcomp)                Default family used instead.

See the textcomp package documentation for explanation.
* checking PDF version of manual without hyperrefs or index ... ERROR

       This is using R 3.6.2 under macOS 10.15.3 applied to the current 
development version of "https://github.com/sbgraves237/Ecfun".  Travis 
CI reported that the build passed;  see 

       This looks to me like it's complaining about the use of the back 
tick character ("`", below "~" on the top left key on a standard 
American English keyboard), which I assume is equivalent to 
"\textasciigrave" in certain contexts.

       Six out of those 8 repetitions occur in the examples sections of 
files "grepNonStandardCharacters.Rd", "subNonStandardCharacters.Rd", and 
"subNonStandardNames.Rd". Those functions were written to fix parsing 
errors with names like "Raúl" that had been mangled by different 
software before I could get it into R.

       After a day's work failed to produce a work around, I decided to 
ask this group.

       What do you suggest?
       Spencer Graves

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