[R-SIG-Mac] HDF4 Support for GDAL

Matt Strimas-Mackey me@335 @end|ng |rom corne||@edu
Wed Jun 24 16:00:14 CEST 2020

Hi all,

The MODIS package uses gdalwarp to process MODIS data. Previously it called gdalwarp via system(), however, it recently switched to using the function sf::gdal_utils() to access gdalwarp, which is more portable and avoids users having to install GDAL on their system. The catch is that HDF4 support is required for processing MODIS data. The Windows sf binaries already come with HDF4 support for GDAL, however, the Mac OS binaries do not, which makes the MODIS package unusable on Mac unless sf is compiled from source, which is challenging. More context on this issue is available here: https://github.com/MatMatt/MODIS/issues/78

In the above GH issue, Tim Salabim suggested this listserv would be a good place to connect with someone that could get HDF4 support into the Mac OS binaries. Any suggestions for how to proceed would be appreciated!



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