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Adrian Dușa du@@@@dr|@n @end|ng |rom un|buc@ro
Thu Jan 23 09:51:18 CET 2020

Dear All,

I've recently acquired a new MacBook, and while transferring my files and
settings I noticed something I did not expect:

Old Mac:
> set.seed(12)
> sample(letters[1:10])
 [1] "a" "h" "i" "b" "g" "j" "e" "f" "d" "c"

New Mac:
> set.seed(12)
> sample(letters[1:10])
 [1] "b" "g" "c" "f" "e" "i" "d" "j" "h" "a"

For numbers I don't see anything different, the examples from ?set.seed
producing the same results. Both R versions are the same (3.6.2) and both
computers run macOS Catalina 10.15.2.

I would be grateful for any advice,

Adrian Dusa
University of Bucharest
Romanian Social Data Archive
Soseaua Panduri nr. 90-92
050663 Bucharest sector 5

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