[R-SIG-Mac] R-devel version?

Koenker, Roger W rkoenker @end|ng |rom ||||no|@@edu
Wed Dec 11 09:54:40 CET 2019

It looks to me on the R for Mac OS X Developer's Page  that the latest version of R-devel for os x is
(2019/11/07, r77386)  and since there seem to be many packages out of compliance that need
updating with respect to later versions of 4.0, I wonder whether there is an alternative source
for those of us who are prisoners of os x and too lazy to build R-devel  from sources.  Or am
I misinterpreting something?

Roger Koenker
r.koenker using ucl.ac.uk
Honorary Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, UCL
Emeritus Professor of Economics
	and Statistics, UIUC

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