[R-SIG-Mac] help with GUI for R.4.0.0 for Mac Catalina

William Revelle ||@t@ @end|ng |rom reve||e@net
Fri Dec 6 00:32:21 CET 2019

Dear friends,

I am trying to do the final tests on the next version of psych.  I am testing it on r 4.0.0 which I can do using X-Quartz and R CMD  … etc.

However, it would be nice to run R.4.0.0  with Simon’s GUI for my normal work.  I have tried to load 4.0,0 several times from the R.developers page (for Macs) which says that the GUI is included.  However, the GUI fails to appear any where.

I can run 4.0.0 with R-Studio or X-Quartz so I clearly have R installed.  But the GUI does not open. (the 3.6.1 GUI breaks).

I assume that I am missing something.  Hints would be appreciated.


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