[R-SIG-Mac] SHA-1 Hash for R-3.5.0.pkg Incorrect

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at me.com
Wed Apr 25 13:57:55 CEST 2018

Hi All,

Last month:


there was a report that the SHA-1 hash of the R-3.4.4.pkg, as listed on CRAN, was not correct, even though the MD5 hash and the digital signature appeared to be correct.

The same phenomenon is the case with R-3.5.0.pkg.

The MD5 hash on CRAN is:

MD5-hash: 414029c9c9f706d3d04baa887ccffbc4 

and I get:

md5 R-3.5.0.pkg
MD5 (R-3.5.0.pkg) = 414029c9c9f706d3d04baa887ccffbc4

from the CLI on my Mac.

However, the SHA-1 hash on CRAN is:

SHA-hash: 9f5f3365afee54d3fe3148a60c1405955916f076 

and I get:

shasum R-3.5.0.pkg
6e90d38892bb366630ae30c223a898e8af84dff7  R-3.5.0.pkg

from the CLI on my Mac.

It would seem that there is a lingering issue with the generation of the SHA-1 hash value on CRAN.


Marc Schwartz

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