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MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Thu Nov 16 23:29:25 CET 2017

In addition to which:

what does

The file is small, so what do you get when you simply time
at the R prompt?

header is TRUE by default in read.csv(), so it was unnecessary to supply header=T

read.csv2() has header=TRUE and sep=";" by default, so simply
should be sufficient if Tim's suggestion is the explanation.

read.csv() and friends are solid, reliable, and extremely well tested functions. If they don't succeed, you can assume that your data is different than expected. So inspect your data file to try and see what that might be.

Mac and Windows have different end-of-line conventions, but as far as I know read.csv and friends are smart enough to handle that.

Your locale setting might be relevant, but that's pretty much outside my experience.

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On 11/13/17, 7:29 AM, "R-SIG-Mac on behalf of BATES Timothy" <r-sig-mac-bounces at r-project.org on behalf of tim.bates at ed.ac.uk> wrote:

    likely the separator character is not the default "," that csv expects.
    look in the csv file and see what the separator character is: perhaps it is a ";" 
    df <- read.csv("example.csv", header=TRUE, sep=";"); names(df)
    > On 13 Nov 2017, at 1:07 pm, 王宙翔 <wzx0908 at icloud.com> wrote:
    > Hi,Friends:
    > When I want to read datas from csv , I have the following problem.
    > For example:
    > auto.csv :
    > <PastedGraphic-1.png>
    > E <- read.csv("auto.csv", header=T)
    > But E$age is NULL
    > (on windows, E$age is not NULL).
    > Thank you ,everyone. I hope get this helps
    > Wang
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