[R-SIG-Mac] R “Open Document” failures: R won't launch and caught segfault

Ossenbruggen, Paul Paul.Ossenbruggen at unh.edu
Thu Feb 23 13:15:30 CET 2017

I am having problems launching R. When it does launch in works fine until I click on “Open Document.” At this point, the wheel on my Mac starts to spin where Force Quit: “R not responding.”

I launched R about eight or more times. On one occasion, it ran. On all other occasions, I had to “Force Quit.”

It is impossible for me to successfully launch R so I thrashed XQuartz and R apps, reinstalled both of them and relaunched my computer. The first time that I opened it I had to Force Quit: “R not responding.” On the second try, it worked as designed.

I fear clicking on “Open Document.”

I have a feeling that: (A) R was NOT installed correctly or (B) R has a bug.

I hope someone has the the expertise to diagnose the problem. Here are the items that I hope prove useful in diagnosing the problem:

1. After reinstalling the latest versions of R and XQuartz, I get the following message:

PJO:~ PJO$ md5 R-3.3.2.pkg
md5: R-3.3.2.pkg: No such file or directory

2. I don’t understand the instruction to “Update to the latest GUI version..."

2017-02-20 07:55:57.686 R[1773:280192] *** RController: caught ObjC exception while processing system events. Update to the latest GUI version and consider reporting this properly (see FAQ) if it persists and is not known.

3. According to the CRAN website, R has a possible bug. *** caught segfault ***. Here are some the various errors that I have recorded. These three errors, I was able to copy and paste from R.

address 0x7fd675db910, cause 'memory not mapped’
address 0x18, cause 'memory not mapped’
address 0xf1000010, cause 'memory not mapped’

The following messages were copied using the Grab app because R was hung and would not respond.

[cid:EEDC01D2-9E5E-4138-8379-96BAD2C7BFAB at fios-router.home]

[cid:90D630B9-9BBD-4CD7-B359-0036EB67894F at fios-router.home]
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