[R-SIG-Mac] R version 3.3.2 crashes on launching

Ossenbruggen, Paul Paul.Ossenbruggen at unh.edu
Fri Feb 10 23:05:56 CET 2017

Once R opens on my Mac, I have had no problems running it from that point on.

To resolve the opening issues, I reinstalled version 3.3.2 and XQuartz version 2.7.11. No issues with these installations but R won’t open properly.

Try 1. On opening it, I got the following message:

*** RController: caught ObjC exception while processing system events. Update to the latest GUI version and consider reporting this properly (see FAQ) if it persists and is not known.
*** reason: -[_NSViewLayoutAux setRuleThickness:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f8a77744970

It worked regardless of the message.

Try 2. I quit R and opened it again. This time I obtain R(not running) in Force Quit

*** caught seqfault ***
address 0xf1000010, cause `memory not mapped’

Tries 3, 4 and 5. No messages but I obtain  R(not running) in Force Quit.

Terminal returns:

md5: R-3.3.2.pkg: No such file or directory

Unfortunately, I am clueless on how to fix the problem.

Help will be greatly appreciated.



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