[R-SIG-Mac] shasum of R-3.4.1.pkg OS X binary

Robert Feldmann RobertFeldmann at gmx.de
Wed Aug 2 14:27:38 CEST 2017

It appears that the SHA-hash of the OS X 3.4.1. binary (for OS X 10.11 and higher) does not match the value provided on the website.

shasum R-3.4.1.pkg
ed1adc9e2982bbe9bb46ce0ec5fe992dd7a534db  R-3.4.1.pkg

while the SHA-hash value on the website is given as 4138852c052a2056ce648d886b9b47d8a514b762

The md5 hash value is correct, however. Is this a typo on the website?


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