[R-SIG-Mac] UI suggestion: allow a tab with no more suggestions to fill in "$"

Timothy Bates tim.bates at ed.ac.uk
Fri May 20 14:08:18 CEST 2016

Like most of us I am sure, I use the tab completion system a lot, not just to complete object names, but to pick from the drop-list created when one hits tab after a $ sign.

Current situation to get to  "object$part1$level2” the user currently has to type:
1. "obj→" (completed to "object")
2. Type "$→" and pick part1
3. Type "$→" and pick level2

Suggestion: make a second "tab" press fill in the $-sign. That would reduce the above to:
1. "obj→" (completed to "object")
2. Type "→ →" and pick part1
3. Type "→ →" and pick level2

MUCH quicker, as the dollar sign involves lifting finger off tab key, hitting (for English) shift-4 (a two hand operation, or an awkward one-hand stretch), then moving back to the tab key.

Users of the @ accessor  might feel left out - perhaps give them shift-tab :-)

PS: Still be nice bump up the font size in the bottom tool-tip bar, if only back to the old physical height (or perhaps just re-use the RStudio tool-tip completion system)
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