[R-SIG-Mac] Startup problem with manipulate

Iryna Nikolayeva iryna.v.nikolayeva at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:50:33 CET 2016

Hi all, every time I start up Studio, I get the following error message:

Error installing package: * installing *source* package ‘manipulate’ ...
mv: rename /Users/iryna/Library/R/3.1/library/manipulate to /Users/iryna/Library/R/3.1/library/00LOCK-manipulate/manipulate: Permission denied
Warning in file.copy(f, instdir, TRUE) :
  problem copying ./NAMESPACE to /Users/iryna/Library/R/3.1/library/manipulate/NAMESPACE: Permission denied
Warning in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")) :
  cannot open file '/Users/iryna/Library/R/3.1/library/manipulate/DESCRIPTION': Permission denied
Error in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")) : 
  cannot open the connection
ERROR: installing package DESCRIPTION failed for package ‘manipulate’
* removing ‘/Users/iryna/Library/R/3.1/library/manipulate’

Interestingly the package loads correctly:
> library ("manipulate")
> isAvailable()
[1] TRUE

I have found an there person having the same issue: https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/202191748-Startup-problem-with-manipulate?page=1#community_comment_212580527 

But no answer has been given to him.

Here are my versions information:

> packageVersion("manipulate")
[1] ‘1.0.1’
> version
platform       x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0   
arch           x86_64                      
os             darwin13.4.0                
system         x86_64, darwin13.4.0        
major          3                           
minor          1.2                         
year           2014                        
month          10                          
day            31                          
svn rev        66913                       
language       R                           
version.string R version 3.1.2 (2014-10-31)
nickname       Pumpkin Helmet  

I’m working on Mac OS X El Capitan.

Thanks in advance!

Iryna Nikolayeva

M.Eng., M.Sc, PhD student in Systems Biology
Institut Pasteur <http://www.pasteur.fr/>

Phone: +33 1 45 68 89 85

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