[R-SIG-Mac] Still have hangs on Open Dialog Box

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Mon Jan 12 23:20:03 CET 2015

I thought this problem had gone away, but it's still hitting me.

Yosemite on a dual-core iMac, R 3.1.2 GUI 1.65 Mavericks build (6833).
I've verified Permissions and Disk, using DiskUtility.

What happens is: I select "Open" from the menu to try to open a new file 
inside R, and I get the OpenDialog window, but the contents of the 
current directory never fill the window; just spinning beachball of 
death.  I thought turning off DefaultFolder helped, but it didn't.  I 
have to force-quit R and delete  the file "com.apple.finder.plist" from 
my Library/Preferences directory to be able to successfully open a file 
from inside R (as opposed to double-clicking on a Finder window's file 
icon) the next time I open R.app GUI .

The only other thing I noticed is that, when R starts up,  a whole pile 
of previously-opened files are displayed and then disappear.  WHen I hit 
the  Mac OSX "F10" function key  to display all current windows 
belonging to R, I got a strange (at least to me) display.  All the 
current windows are displayed but ALSO a long row of mini-icons 
representing previously open (and closed) document windows.  I posted a 
screen shot at  https://app.box.com/s/qutc86rujitb49geur8c  ; this 
appears to match my "Recent" doc list in the File Menu.
I don't know what causes that -- Microsoft Office apps don't do this, 
but TextWrangler and GraphicConverter(for two examples) do.  I  don't 
know  whether it is related to  R's misbehavior on my machine.  All I 
know for certain is that no other application I've tried ever hangs on 
Open dialog boxes.

Any ideas?



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