[R-SIG-Mac] Best installation approach of R on Mavericks for Emacs/Homebrew users?

Rainer M Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Thu May 22 10:48:23 CEST 2014

Grant Rettke <gcr at wisdomandwonder.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm working on setting up a new to me OSX machine with R. My preference is
> via Homebrew, with which I'll
> be using Emacs and ESS. Looking out for trouble, I tried to do a little
> legwork first of all to see what is the status quo for installing R on
> Mavericks. There are more than a few options and I am wanting to get your
> feedback on what worked for you, and if you happened to follow any of these
> directions. Here is what I found:

I am using R & emacs (the version provided by [1]) installed via homebrew, ESS and org-mode installed
From git, and it works without problems for me.

I somehow prefer to install all packages fro source, which works
nicely, and one needs s-code anyway when using homebrew.

> https://onote2.github.io/2013/12/04/install-r-on-mac-os-x-109-mavericks/
> The simplest. Looks great.

Be aware, that gfortran is not available anymore:

| $ brew search gfortran
| GNU Fortran is now provided as part of GCC, and can be installed with:
|   brew install gcc

I don't know which one I followed, but so far all look more or less
correct. I would suggest to follow the first one, and look at error
messages, and then follow these.

Be aware that if you install R and gfortran from the official R repos
(or Simons), the gfortran *will* interfere with homebrew's R (unless my
memory is misleading me completely). I had to completely remove it
before installing R from homebrew. Also: when swithching, you have to
re-compile *all your installed packages* due to different compiler
versions. This (and the from Prof Ripley later mentioned limited
availability of packages for R in binary) is the reason why I am using
the homebrew installation of R and compiling all packages from source -
no problems so far.

Cheers and keep us posted about your success / problems,


> http://davidsimpson.me/2013/02/26/installing-r-on-os-x/
> Also simple.
> http://zmjones.com/mac-setup/#R
> Also quite simple.
> http://www.moncefbelyamani.com/how-to-install-xcode-homebrew-git-rvm-ruby-on-mac/#step-1
> https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-science/issues/427
> Sometimes things go wrong?
> http://cran.r-project.org/bin/macosx/
> If all else fails, or perhaps are any of you Emacs users using this instead
> of Homebrew?
> It looks pretty straightforward at this point; just wanted to talk to some
> other folks and see what worked for them.
> Kind regards,
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