[R-SIG-Mac] tip bar parameters: can it be modified to show specific S3 method parameter lists?

Tim Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Fri May 9 21:04:57 CEST 2014

It blows windows people away when they see the "tip bar” (the bottom bar that shows function parameters) display all the parameters for an obscure function.

It similarly dismays mac users when it shows something un-explainatory like

function_I_havent_used_for_ages(x, …) # i.e., … instead of the list for the specific S3 the user wants

Question: Is there are way to 

1. modify the function bar so that if the user, for instance, fills in parameter 1, the tip updates with the parameters for that hanlder.

so "plot(“ would show the following in the bottom bar:


but  "plot(myOpenMxModel,"
would show
plot(myOpenMxModel, std = T, digits = 2, dotFilename = "name", pathLabels = c("none", "labels", "both”), showFixed = F, showError = T, precision = NULL)

2. With lots of parameters, the font size is too small (the list wraps and instead of the bar doubling in height, the font halves: If it was possible to either increase or fix the font size and grow the boar height, that would be great!


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