[R-SIG-Mac] SEM model run error

Timothy Bates tim.bates at ed.ac.uk
Sat Jan 26 17:30:37 CET 2013

1 This is not a mac question
2 You haven’t said what package you’re using
3. It is highly unlikely that the correct format is rtf.

The main SEM packages in R are OpenMx, SEM, and lavaan.

They all have tutorial pdfs, and examples of working models

On 26 Jan 2013, at 4:09 PM, Ross Tinsley <rtinsley at htmi.ch> wrote:
> Trying to run the following model: 
> cfa1.model <- specifyModel("~/Documents/Teaching/QMU, Edinburgh/Events/Beltane Fire Festival/quants/Audience motivation survey/SEM/Data/Very first pass at SEM.rtf")
> file contents:
> Q7.Knowledge.of.Beltane -> Number.of.Attendances1, beta, NA
> Age.band -> Q7.Knowledge.of.Beltane, alpha1, NA
> Gender -> Q7.Knowledge.of.Beltane, alpha2, NA
> std.ln.Q12.search.for.meaning -> Q7.Knowledge.of.Beltane, alpha3, NA
> std.ln.Q11.spiritual.quest -> Q7.Knowledge.of.Beltane, alpha4, NA
> Number.of.Attendances1 <-> Number.of.Attendances1, gamma1, NA
> Age.band <-> Age.band, NA, 1
> std.ln.Q12.search.for.meaning <-> std.ln.Q12.search.for.meaning, gamma3, NA
> std.ln.Q11.spiritual.quest <-> std.ln.Q11.spiritual.quest, gamma4, NA
> but get the error message:
> Error in scan(file, what, nmax, sep, dec, quote, skip, nlines, na.strings,  : 
>  scan() expected 'a real', got 'NA\'
> Any thoughts on why it's not working? Also if you know of any good SEM tutorials online?
> Many thanks
> Ross

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