[R-SIG-Mac] can't install R on a G5...

Stefano Doglio finrod_s at libero.it
Fri Jan 25 16:09:41 CET 2013

On 25/01/13 15:46, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> They are certainly tiny compared to today's disk sizes.
> If I recall correctly
> sudo gfortran-uninstall
> will remove the Fortran

ok, it worked.

> As for Tcl/Tk I don't think I added an uninstaller - it lives in /usr/local so if you don't use it, you can blow it away, otherwise you'd have to use pkgutil to get the content - probably not worth the hassle. Note that some packages on CRAN depend on tcltk so you may end up using it one way or another.

good, I won't uninstall this one.


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