[R-SIG-Mac] can't install R on a G5...

Stefano Doglio finrod_s at libero.it
Fri Jan 25 08:43:19 CET 2013

On 25/01/13 02:01, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> Define "this stuff" ;). The GUI is simply the icon you see, so you "uninstall" it by moving it to Trash. This is true for almost all Mac apps.

I was meaning the gfortran-4.2.3 and tcltk-8.5.5-x11 "stuff" you wrote 
it's useless unless I "want to install packages from sources that 
contain Fortran code", something I'm pretty sure I'll never do ;-)
Back to my question: there's a way to delete "this stuff, without using 
AppDelete :-P or I just forget them and let them occupy a tiny bit of my hd?

have a nice day

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