[R-SIG-Mac] can't install R on a G5...

Stefano Doglio finrod_s at libero.it
Thu Jan 24 20:51:58 CET 2013


On 24/01/13 02:26, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> You don't need that at all - in fact you don't need any of the gfortran above to run R - it's only needed if you want to install packages from sources that contain Fortran code and then gfortran 4.2.3 is enough.  If you just want to run R then the R*.pkg is all you need.

ok, there's a way to uninstall all this stuff? Or I just leave it and 

> [cut] If not, try
> rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/R.framework
> and re-installing R.

ok, done it and now R opens regularly... I just have to start studying 
how it works now! ;-)
Many thanks!

best wishes

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