[R-SIG-Mac] library(rgl) hangs in all enviroments but R.app

Andrew Christianson andrew.christianson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 05:56:03 CET 2013

So this is a strange one. 

Whenever I try to load the package 'rgl' via the usual 'library(rgl) in R sessions inside bash, Rstudio, and sublime text (SublimeREPL) the session hangs and refuses to load the package.  The strange part is, if the package loads fine within the R GUI app.  Loading in verbose mode shows the successful load in R.app as:

	now dyn.load(/library/frameworks/r.framework/versions/2.15/resources/library/rgl/bin/x86_64/aglrgl.so) …

while the others hang at

		now dyn.load(/library/frameworks/r.framework/versions/2.15/resources/library/rgl/bin/x86_64/rgl.so) …

Is it possible to force 'library(rgl)' to load the 'aglrgl.so' package in an environment other than R.app?  Or is there some way to fix the package so it will load in those other environments?    

I've googled this in every way I can think of and nothing comes up.  I've also un- and re-installed in multiple times.  When I tried to rebuild from source, via R CMD INSTALL, the build hangs at the last step 'testing if installed package can be loaded' and I'm forced to kill the process.  

Thanks for any help you can offer.  

System Information:

R: 2.15.2 (64-bit)
OSX: 10.8.2

Andrew Christianson
andrew.christianson at gmail.com

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