[R-SIG-Mac] Naive question about permissions

David Bowie db.list at pmpkn.net
Mon Oct 22 18:20:16 CEST 2012

Since this is an institutional machine, it occurs to me that it could be  
an ACL issue, where all the permissions look okay, but since ACLs trump  
permissions, it still messes with you. That's what happened to me with my  
institutionally-issued Mac a bit ago, after my university's tech "support"  
upgraded my machine. Fortunately, if I recall correctly you said you have  
admin access, so you should be able to fix it yourself if that's the  

David Bowie

From: Paul Hewson <paul.hewson at plymouth.ac.uk>

> Right, thanks. Finally sank in.
> The dialog box looks to me like the Finder icon (I don't know what that  
> means yet, but it doesn't look like the gatekeeper thing which is in  
> newer versions of os x ).   There is sophos on the system and it beyond  
> me to do anything I think.   Anyway, you've given me something to discus  
> with our technical support (like turning sophos off for 2 minutes while  
> I check if that's the problem).   I will email back when it's fixed.

> Thanks
> Paul

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