[R-SIG-Mac] iconv inserting a LF in output after 180 characters

Richard R. Liu richard.liu at pueo-owl.ch
Wed May 30 21:14:35 CEST 2012


On a Linux box running Red Hat Linux and R 2.14.1 I call iconv with a character string specifying to = "LATIN1".  The resulting string contains a \xa0 after 180 characters.  This character is not present in the input string, and the same experiment performed on a Mac running R 2.12.2 results in the expected output, i.e., without the \xa0.  I can't imagine this is something that the iconv installed on the Linux box is doing -- I've made a mental note to check it tomorrow when I'm back in the office.  Anybody care to take a stab at an explantion?  180 doesn't would like a random number.


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