[R-SIG-Mac] ESC key and STOP button not working in R 2.14.1

Ken Knoblauch ken.knoblauch at inserm.fr
Mon Jan 9 14:28:15 CET 2012

Thanks, Hans,

That works for clearing the line.  I should have looked at the NEWS for
the R.app GUI:

Last-update: 2011-12-22 [HJBB]
*	In RConsole pressing the ESC key will invoke
	"completion" as in standard application if no
	R command runs including system(..., wait=TRUE)
	otherwise pressing ESC key or STOP button will
	try to terminate the running R command and, if
	a system(..., wait=TRUE) runs, it will kill the
	system command

but how about if I have an uncompleted command, i.e. with + prompt.
ESC used to jump out of that and it doesn't nor does ⇧⌘⇠ seem
to work?  Thanks, again.



Quoting Hans-Jörg Bibiko <bibiko at eva.mpg.de>:

> On 09.01.2012, at 12:45, Ken Knoblauch wrote:
>> I find that the ESC key for aborting a line of code or stopping
>> execution and also the STOP button are not working in R 2.14.1.
>> I thought that this might be a Lion related issue as I updated
>> both my OS and R version at the same time but I see the problem
>> on an older machine running Snow Leopard, too.  I can't give
>> an example.  Just write a line of code and hit escape before
>> you hit return.  This used to abort the command.  Was this a
>> bug earlier that is fixed, or is it a feature that can be ...
> Hi Ken,
> yes - the ESC behaviour was slightly changed/improved.
> Pressing ESC while R is EXECUTING R code including statements like   
> "system('foo', wait=T) will try to interrupt the R code AND kill   
> 'foo' resp.
> If R isn't executing something ESC invokes completion since this is   
> the standard Mac app behaviour.
> You wrote: "Just write a line of code and hit escape before you hit   
> return.  This used to abort the command."
> Well, it did not abort the command since the command wasn't executed  
>  yet, it only cleared the current command line buffer which differs   
> from the actual intention of pressing ESC => 'Interrupt current R   
> computation' I think.
> To get the 'old' behaviour you can press ⇧⌘⇠ (standard short-cut to   
> select from cursor position to start of line) if your cursor is at   
> the end of the current line to select what you've already written   
> and start typing again.
> Kind regards,
> --Hans

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