[R-SIG-Mac] Yellow background with CairoPNG on MacOS 10.6.8

Joe Schwab joeschwabmd+R-SIG-Mac at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 10:45:01 CET 2012

Hello all,

I have looked around the archives and have seen no mention of this. I
am using Cairo package 1.5-1 to generate some PNG files on MacOS
10.6.8 using R 2.14.1. Every PNG that I generate has a yellow
background to it no matter what I set the background option to. Even
the test code from the CairoPNG documentation (below) exhibits this

# very simple KDE
Cairo(600, 600, file="plot.png", type="png", bg="white")
plot(rnorm(4000),rnorm(4000),col="#ff000018",pch=19,cex=2) #
semi-transparent red
dev.off() # creates a file "plot.png" with the above plot

To see the output from this, please go to

I am using the Cairo package because I am developing on a Mac, but
deploying onto a Linux server that does not have X11 support, but
doeswork with Cairo. On my linux server, plots generated on a device
created with Cairo/CairoPNG look just fine.

Any thoughts/help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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