Re: [R-SIG-Mac] Why do i get: Error: unexpected input in "A<-lm(GandW ~ Authocracy,Data)" ?

Berend Hasselman bhh at
Thu Dec 6 15:04:08 CET 2012

On 25-11-2012, at 21:01, Faradj Koliev wrote:

> Every time i insert : A<-lm(GandW ~ Authocracy;Data) i get this error: Error: unexpected input in "A<-lm(GandW ~ Authocracy,Data)" 
> Iam using Mac.  And i have checked that "Data" has been read correctly. The same command with the same Data has been used by a friend who is using Linux, and its works for him. 
> I have now tried many things but without any results. 

This a typical R-help question.

Have you noticed the ; (semicolon) in the formula argument?
Replace it with , (comma). Your friend must have been using a ,

You should be using A<-lm(GandW ~ Authocracy,Data)


> Thanks for help! 
> Stockholm university 
> Faradj
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