[R-SIG-Mac] Where are my packages?

Wayne Gray grayw at rpi.edu
Thu May 19 20:48:15 CEST 2011

I just upgraded to 2.13 from 2.12.

As far as I can figure things are working well except that none of the packages I downloaded for 2.12 are available to 2.13. That would not be an issue as it is easy to download packages as needed. I can do this and they work.

What is the issue is that I don't know where they are being stored. The ones for 2.12 are here:


2.13 created a similar directory but there is nothing in it.

In the Preferences for 2.13 I do have the box checked to make  ~/Library/R... the default path (as per the screen shot attached to this email but probably stripped out by the listserv software). And, yes, I have restarted my machine several times since this was checked (I think I set this two days ago).

So stuff is somewheres as the package install when I load them. I would like to know (a) where they are, (b) how I can get them to go into the ~/Library/R... directory, and (c) whether it is prudent and reasonable to move everything that is in the 2.12 library into the 2.13 library.


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