[R-SIG-Mac] "legend" command does nothing

Susan Gruber sgruber at berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 18 18:28:22 CEST 2010

Hi Adrian,

I just tried out your plot code as written, except for adding the first
three lines below to generate x and Y data, and the legend prints
correctly. So I agree this points to a font problem.

   Y <- matrix(1:28, nrow=7)
   x <- 1:7
   ttext="plot title"


   legend("topright",c("Data","DI model","Ricker","Theta Logistic","Allee"),


> Hello,
> I am having problems adding legends to my plots.  For example, the command
> at the bottom of this message produces no legend for me.  The plot appears
> correctly, but the legend is completely absent.  Am I doing something
> incorrectly in the syntax of the legend function?
> It is possible that this is related to a problem that I posted previously
> on
> this list: I do not see any text on any graphs unless I explicitly supply
> the "family="sans"" argument to any plotting function.
> Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you,
> Adrian Down
> quartz()
> Y=cbind(loglamt,yp)
> matplot(x,Y,
> xlab="N(t)",ylab="log{N(t+1)/N(t)}",main=ttext,
> type=c("p","l","l","l","l"),pch=21,col=c("black","blue","green","red",
> "purple"),lty=1,lwd=2,family="sans")
> legend("topright",c("Data","DI model","Ricker","Theta
> Logistic","Allee"),pch
> =c(21,-1,-1,-1),
> col=c("black","blue","green","red","purple"),lty=c("blank","solid","solid",
> "solid","solid"),lwd=2,plot=TRUE)
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