[R-SIG-Mac] R2.12 for Mac

Kasper Daniel Hansen kasperdanielhansen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 01:24:23 CET 2010

Yeah remove that

But I don't even get why you are doing this.  On a mac (at least with
a newer version of the OS like Tiger or newer) RCurl works out of the

So what you do it
  remove offending line in bashrc
  do a grep in you home folder to check you don't have other offending
lines including either LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARYPATH
  cd /etc and do a recursive grep for LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and see if it
hits anything.
  restart Terminal
  start R and verify it works

Now, after this you start the _GUI_ and do the Sys.getenv thing.  The
GUI works differently from terminal R in this case.  If the offending
value is still there, you might want to have a look in
There might be a similar line somewhere

Finally, write 100 times "I will not do random things to my system I
read on random websites".  Ok, that is a little tough, but you do
realize this is all your own doing, right.


On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 7:11 PM, steven mosher <moshersteven at gmail.com> wrote:
> I found the offending file.
> .bashrc
> export
> PATH="$PATH:/sw/bin:sw/sbin:/usr/local/bin:usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:usr/sbin:bin:sbin"
> export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib:/usr/local/lib:
> export CURL_CONFIG=/sw/bin/curl-config
> When I was trying to get RCurl working this was suggested as the way to do
> it.
> So I assume i should not do:
> export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib:/usr/local/lib:
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Kasper Daniel Hansen
> <kasperdanielhansen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Steve Lianoglou
>> <mailinglist.honeypot at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >> DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib:/usr/local/lib:
>> >
>> > Your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is, in fact, hosing you.
>> >
>> > Comment out that line.
>> This line screws up your entire system.  You sometimes see people on
>> various email lists recommend doing stuff like this, but this is a
>> specific place where OS X is very different from Linux.  In principle,
>> this could also mess with your other applications.
>> However, you also need to figure out how that got set in your GUI
>> (check by doing
>> Sys.getenv("DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH")
>> ) and you will need to fix that as well in case fixing .profile does
>> not fix the GUI.
>> Kasper

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