[R-SIG-Mac] R hangs when loading

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Fri May 22 14:29:30 CEST 2009

> Hello,
> I've recently installed R (version 2.9.0) on my Mac OS (Leopard). I'm  
> using the Mac R.app application. Upon start up this works fine,  
> however if I try to load several packages the application simply hangs  
> (even after leaving it alone for an hour).

> From: Massimo Pinto <pintarello at gmail.com>

> I was under the same impression when I first installed and started to use R
> for Mac. However, the system believes that R it's hung, but in reality it's
> not. You just have to be patient. Sometimes installation requires download
> of several tens of Mb of source/binary packages.  Try with a tiny one from
> the command line, using biocLite(), for example. You should see R back to
> response soon.
> Massimo

So, a couple things to check:

 From the force-quit monitor (cmd-option-escape), does your mac identify 
R as "not responding"?

Have you downloaded the packages so you can install from your local 


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