[R-SIG-Mac] R.app history forgets

Rob Goedman robjgoedman at me.com
Thu May 7 16:39:23 CEST 2009

Hi Loren,

On May 6, 2009, at 12:01 PM, Loren Engrav wrote:

> Hi
> Double clicking bottom command: I want to keep dupes but double click
> problem seems to go away if I just check "cleanup"; if "cleanup" is
> necessary for proper behavior of bottom command, why have it optional?

Originally, during testing, the improper behavior occurred only  
occasionally, which led to that decision.

> Rhistory: I have R.app writing to .engravRhistory and Cleanup  
> checked but
> Remove dupes not checked. Quit still cuts a duplicate history entry  
> at the
> bottom; but so what? A duplicate at the bottom is unnecessary, but  
> cutting
> it is unexpected

With 'remove duplicates' cleared, duplicates *at the bottom* are  
written to the history list/file but filtered out when the history  
file is loaded the next time R.app is started.

Setting 'remove duplicates' removes *all previous* duplicates in the  
history list as you go (to keep useful history as short as possible).

> D&D: seems confusing if d&d a file does one thing and d&d directory  
> does
> another; would seem that neither should override the setting since  
> it says
> "Always"

Agreed, it is perfectly ok to out of habit start R.app by d&d-ing a  
file or directory on the icon.

> Anyway
> With Cleanup checked
> ~/.engravRhistory locked in with the return
> Understanding the common use of and location of .Rdata
> Ignoring the little proliferating .Rhistory files
> I may in fact be "good to go"
> Thank you so much

Looks like it. Thanks for your effort.

> And installing 64bit stuff is surely easier now

All thanks there (and the other 99.99%) goes to Simon. I agree, 64 bit  
works really well.


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> Loren Engrav, MD
> Professor, Surgery
> Associate Director, Burn Center, 1977-2001
> Univ Washington
> Seattle

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