[R-SIG-Mac] AppleScript

Gregor Reich gregor.reich at unibas.ch
Fri Jul 24 19:12:59 CEST 2009


Thanks a lot, this works perfectly; at least, with only one instance  
of R running. This is rather logical. But nevertheless, since I  
regularly use several instances in parallel, I should once do  
something about this issue. If anyone has ideas, they are warmly  
welcome! Probably something like "last used" / "frontmost" instance.

Just for the protocol, if somebody else is interested as well:

> 		tell process "SubEthaEdit"
		tell process "Xcode"

For the keyboard shortcut, you have to go to XCode Preferences and  
disable Cmd+Return in the "Build" menu in "Key bindings" for "Build  
and Go". Go to the Script menu, choose "Edit user scripts", press the  
"+" and "Add new script file". Add your script and the keyboard  

Cheers again, Gregor.

> tell application "System Events"
> 	if UI elements enabled then
> 		tell process "SubEthaEdit"
> 			activate
> 			set frontmost to true
> 		end tell
> 		key down command
> 		keystroke "c"
> 		delay 1
> 		key up command
> 	else
> 		tell application "System Preferences"
> 			activate
> 			set current pane to pane "com.apple.preference.universalaccess"
> 			display dialog "UI element scripting is not enabled. Check  
> \"Enable access for assistive devices\""
> 		end tell
> 	end if
> end tell
> set y to the clipboard
> tell application "R"
> 	cmd y
> 	activate
> end tell

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