[R-SIG-Mac] Debugging package code in Xcode?

Steve Lianoglou mailinglist.honeypot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 23:54:38 CEST 2009


This is also above my paygrade so was waiting for Simon or Prof.  
Ripley to chime in, but until then, I do have one suggestion:

>>> Was rgl.so compiled with debug symbols turned on?
>> I don't know:  it was compiled by R CMD INSTALL rgl.  I was told a  
>> couple of years ago that symbols were included by default, but I  
>> don't know if that's still true.  I think so (based on my success  
>> with C functions).

I think you need to compile with the -g flag, and you'll probably want  
to turn off optimization (I think R CMD BUILD/INSTALL defaults to -O2)

I think you can probably change these "inline" when you do R CMD  
INSTALL ... , but I just tweak my Makevars whenever I want to compile  
with different settings. I do this be creating the file "~/.R/ 
Makevars". Compiling with debug flags and no optimization, that file  
would look like this:

CC=/usr/bin/gcc -arch x86_64 -std=gnu99
CPP=/usr/bin/gcc -arch x86_64 -std=gnu99 -E
CXX=/usr/bin/g++ -arch x86_64
CXXCPP=/usr/bin/g++ -arch x86_64 -E
OBJC=/usr/bin/gcc -arch x86_64 -std=gnu99

When I want R to use its default settings, I just comment out the  
lines in that file.

Maybe when you compile with these args, it might get you closer to  
getting your debugger working as you take the rest of the steps that  
you've described.

By the looks of it, you're way more of a C/gdb jedi than I, but  
perhaps this might help.


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