[R-SIG-Mac] Exporting black and white images

Paul J. Ossenbruggen pjo at cisunix.unh.edu
Mon Jan 19 13:34:04 CET 2009


	I produced the attached black and white map in R using following set  
of commands.

plot(Z.pop, main = "Mp",col = gray(seq(0.0,1,0.01)))
contour(sk.pop, add=TRUE, nlev = 6, col = gray(1))
plot(Z1.vmt, main = "Mv",col = gray(seq(0.0,1,0.01)))
contour(sk1.vmt, add=TRUE, nlev = 6, col = gray(1))

Z.pop <- as.im(stuff)  where stuff is a spatstat ppp file.

The attached black and white pdf file shown here, which was saved in  
R, gives a black and light gray grid-like pattern that doesn't exist.
The attached map will not produce this image in Adode Acrobat Reader.  
It can be opened in Preview.

A black and white map looks great in R. These issues do not exist when  
"col = heat.color", etc. i.e. a color palette. In fact, Adode Acrobat  
Reader opens the file without a problem. It suggests to me that the  
black and white map is corrupted.

A method to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.



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