[R-SIG-Mac] Feature requests for R GUI editor: "cmd-return in editor does not go to next line" revisited

Ivan Alves papucho at mac.com
Tue Jan 6 00:14:54 CET 2009

Dear Simon, dear all,

Back in March 2008 a thread evolved with the pros and cons of having   
<Cmd><Enter> "single stepping" through the code, much like it is the  
case in TINN-R, or ESS, or Eclipse with the StatET add-on. In fact, in  
the latter there are a number of options for submitting commands to R,  
which are listed here: http://help.walware.de/eclipse-3.4/topic/de.walware.statet.r.doc/reference/r_editor-codesubmit.xhtml

At the time Simon left open the possibility of enhancing the  
functionality of the R GUI editor in this direction.  For what it is  
worth, I would like to cast my vote for moving in the direction of  
such enhancements.

Best regards,


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