[R-SIG-Mac] helpful tool for playing music and/or seewave

Timothy Bates tim.bates at ed.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 11:44:04 CET 2009

> On 13 Feb 2009, at 3:01 AM, Simon Urbanek wrote:
> R can play (and record) audio on OS X directly without any tools -  
> see the audio package ;).

Great timing simon!

A search on <http://www.rseek.org> indicates that package "signals"  
might be very helpful - most audio generated needs to be windowed, and  
signals has that as well as a set of nice filtering tools.


Expected date for R to replace matlab, Mplus, SPSS, SAS, E-prime, and  
LabVIEW = 2015 :-)

Just need to get each of the universities and companies that save  
$5000/seat*300,000 seats to chip that into R development.


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