[R-SIG-Mac] *** caught bus error *** address 0x1143d2c7b, cause 'non-existent physical address'

Richard R. Liu richard.liu at pueo-owl.ch
Tue Dec 8 01:15:47 CET 2009

Using R version 2.10.1 RC (2009-12-06 r50681) in 64-bit mode (R.app  
GUI 1.30 (5528) x86_64-apple-darwin9.8.0) on a MacBook Pro 17" unibody  
early 2009 with 8GB RAM.  The following code is causing the error  
message "*** caught bus error *** address 0x1143d2c7b, cause 'non- 
existent physical address'"

 > library(filehash)
 > db <- dbInit("/Volumes/Work on RDR Test Documents/R Databases/ 
DB_TXT", type = "RDS")
 > dbLoad(db)
 > sent.all <- unlist(sentences.all)[-index.tokenless.sentences]
 > i.samp <- sample(c(1:length(sent.all)), 100)
 > sent.all[which(sentences.most.predicted.rf_003_2009.12.07[i.samp]  
== F)]

sentences.all is a data frame in the filehash database.  It is loaded  
into the environment with the dbLoad statement.  More precisely, it is  
"lazy loaded."

If I first assign  
which(sentences.most.predicted.rf_003_2009.12.07[i.samp] == F) to,  
say, iF, then evaluate sent.all[iF], the error does not occur.

I thought I solved this problem the last time it plagued me by  
downloading the source from CRAN instead of the binary.  I did that  
again before attempting to reproduce the error, but this time it  
didn't help.  I wish I could supply more information, but the error  
message isn't at all helpful.

I only suspect filehash because (a) it evidently hasn't be updated in  
a while, and (b) the lazy loading mechanism could be playing a role,  
even though the statement sent.all <- unlist(sentences.all)[- 
index.tokenless.sentences] seems to create a copy.

Can anybody suggest how I can at least identify where the error is  
actually occurring?  I am not a programmer, have not debugging tools  
installed, could probably install one, but would need very detailed  
instructions about  using it.


Richard R. Liu
Dittingerstr. 33
CH-4053 Basel

Tel.:  +41 61 331 10 47
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Email:  richard.liu at pueo-owl.ch

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