Joseph M. Scandura, IV jms2003 at med.cornell.edu
Wed Apr 29 23:36:22 CEST 2009

I recently updated to R 2.9 and I'm having trouble loading the RMySQL  
package into R64.

When I try to compile from source (from CRAN), I get an error message.
Configuration error:
   could not find the MySQL installation include and/or library
   directories.  Manually specify the location of the MySQL
   libraries and the header files and re-run R CMD INSTALL.


1. Define and export the 2 shell variables PKG_CPPFLAGS and
    PKG_LIBS to include the directory for header files (*.h)
    and libraries, for example (using Bourne shell syntax):

       export PKG_CPPFLAGS="-I<MySQL-include-dir>"
       export PKG_LIBS="-L<MySQL-lib-dir> -lmysqlclient"

    Re-run the R INSTALL command:

       R CMD INSTALL RMySQL_<version>.tar.gz

2. Alternatively, you may pass the configure arguments
       --with-mysql-dir=<base-dir> (distribution directory)
       --with-mysql-inc=<base-inc> (where MySQL header files reside)
       --with-mysql-lib=<base-lib> (where MySQL libraries reside)
    in the call to R INSTALL --configure-args='...'

    R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--with-mysql-dir=DIR'  

I was able to get RMySQL working with the 64-bit version of R2.8 but  
only after a unix savvy friend helped me tinker in the root directory.  
Is there a more convenient way to get this working: I am Unix-naive.


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