[R-SIG-Mac] Textmate/ SWeave: Error PDF file not written to disk

Vincent Vu vqv at stat.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 17 11:10:27 CEST 2009

Saiwing Yeung <saiwing <at> berkeley.edu> writes:

> it took me some time to figure this out... Basically I solved this by  
> copying the file Sweave.sty to the same directory as the the .rnw  
> file. I suppose you can also try to add the path to Sweave.sty. But  
> then, by having the file in the same directory, when you send your  
> stuff to other people, it is more likely that you will include it and  
> prevent your collaborators from having the same problem.

You need to set the environment variable SWEAVE_STYLEPATH_DEFAULT to TRUE
In TextMate, that can be done in the preferences.

TextMate->Preferences->Advanced->Shell Variables

Add the variable "SWEAVE_STYLEPATH_DEFAULT" with value "TRUE"

I think that will solve the issue of of the style file not being found.


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