[R-SIG-Mac] pkgutil

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Sat Apr 11 16:45:52 CEST 2009

>>>>> The receipts are now superseded in Leopard by an internal  
>>>>> database  which is controlled by pkgutil, so you have to use  
>>>>> pkgutil --forget  instead.

Just a nitpicking comment:   if there's a database, you can access it 
with or without a special tool.  You just have to find out where the 
database is located ^_^ .

BTW,  Pacifist will let you do pkgutil actions from within its GUI.

And be careful:  there's a "Pkgutil 1.2" which is for Solaris. Similarly 
unless you've studied the code carefully I' guess the Python script 
referred to recently is not intended for OSX package control.


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