[R-SIG-Mac] help on help

Robert Biddle robert_biddle at carleton.ca
Thu Apr 2 12:14:28 CEST 2009

I sent this to R-Help a few days ago but got no response.
Can anyone here advise me?

With R for Mac on OS X:
when looking at the help system screens, it does not seem to be possible
to search within them.
For example, when looking at a long help page (e.g. for par) I often
want to search for a particular
parameter. But I don't see how. I just have to scroll and search by eye.
Is there a better way?

Without search, the usefulness of long files is much reduced, and I end 
up looking at the same
page on the web instead, because there I can search the page using the 
web browser.


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