[R-SIG-Mac] project request: TextWrangler plugin

Steve Lianoglou mailinglist.honeypot at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 19:11:21 CET 2008

Hi Carl,

On Nov 8, 2008, at 6:07 PM, Carl Witthoft wrote:

> I know :-), I should just learn AquaMacs w/ ESS,  but I am  
> comfortable w/ TextWrangler.  So, just thought I'd put a shout out  
> to see if anyone would like to write a plugin that would let the  
> user execute code (in R.app) from a TextWrangler window.
> If not, well, I'll live :-0

You might be interested to know that TextMate has a pretty capable R  
bundle. I'm not trying to convert anyone to a new editor, but I think  
getting used to TextMate would be easier than getting up to speed with  
emacs if you're coming from TextWrangler.

I've dabbled with the bundle a bit, but I honestly don't use it  
(perhaps I should). I know you can do things like interactively send R  
commands to a running R process in the background, and has interesting  
ways to deal with Sweave docs. If you're intersted:

Here is a blog post/screencast showing some aspects of the R bundle in  


You'll notice it's quite old. The R bundle has been pretty much  
totally revamped. I can't find any new screencasts using it, but  
here's some talk about it when the new bundle was released on the TM- 
user mailing list (still, almost a year old):



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