[R-SIG-Mac] Install R2.6.# on Panther w/o losing old version

Balasubramanian Ganesan balag at cc.usu.edu
Sun Mar 30 05:07:10 CEST 2008

Dear all
We have an old Apple cluster that we use for our stats via R and  
webbioc. It is long overdue for an upgrade. However we have also  
created inhouse tools that we cannot afford to not have daily access to.
While it is highly overdue for an upgrade, there aren't any Panther  
binaries for the latest R either.
Is it possible to install R from source code and not remove the old  
version, which we would still keep until our apps are completely  
transitioned? Is there a link or webpage that explains how-to's on  
this question?

Balasubramanian Ganesan
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Integrated BioSystems
Utah State University
4700 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322
balag at cc.usu.edu

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