[R-SIG-Mac] cmd-return in editor does not go to next line

Rune Maagensen rune at maagensen.dk
Tue Mar 4 19:12:04 CET 2008

I've just started using R 2.62 on OSX 10.4.11 on a macbook 2,1 and
found that in the Editor on Windows ctrl-R runs the current line and
goes to the next line. On Mac cmd-return runs the current line and
stays there. Shouldn't the cursor go to the next line, so a program
can be run stepwise with multiple cmd-rtn instead of cmd-rtn

Is there a search option in the web archive? I couldn't find it.
Venlig hilsen

Rune Ege Gade Maagensen
Nyelandsvej 3, 3 .tv
2000 Frederiksberg
mobil/fastnet: (+45) 40 55 77 11 / (+45) 38 86 07 02

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