[R-SIG-Mac] tools for compiling R from source on Leopard

Michael Braun braunm at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 2 06:53:56 CET 2008

Hi.  This week I received my very first Mac (I was previously a Linux  
user), and I am now trying to compile R from source.  I am running Mac  
OS 10.5.2, and I have downloaded and installed Xcode 3.0.  Following  
instructions on the R for Mac OS FAQ page I see that I need to install  
gfortran 4.2.1.  However, Xcode only comes with gcc 4.0.1, and I  
understand that the versions need to be the same.

The R for Mac tools site mentions that the Apple version for gcc 4.2.1  
is available from ADC, but I just cannot find it anywhere (I Googled,  
searched, etc, with no luck--can someone please point me in the right  
direction?).  So, I ran  the provided gcc42build5531.pkg installation  
file.  The installer ran with no errors, but it doesn't seem to  
install anywhere (I even created a test folder to install to, but  
after the installation, that folder was empty).   gcc --version still  
indicates that the version is 4.0.1.  The gfortran-42.pkg file  
installed correctly.

I know this sounds more like a Mac OS problem than an R problem, but  
since I am using tools (and following instructions) designed  
specifically for R, I thought I'd ask for help here.   I suppose that  
all I really need is to be able to effectively install either gcc  
4.2.1 (since I have the R-approved gfortran 4.2.1 installed) or an R- 
approved gfortran 4.0.1 (since I have gcc 4.0.1installed).

Either way, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Michael Braun
braunm at mit.edu

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