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William Revelle lists at revelle.net
Fri Jun 13 17:16:11 CEST 2008

I agree with Simon that copy paste is the easiest way to go.

However, because I was unable to remember the 
read.table(pipe("pbpaste")) command and wanted to 
give instructions to students that were platform 
independent, I created a little function 
(read.clipboard) that works on PCs or Macs .  It 
is available in the psych package:
"read.clipboard" <-
function(header=TRUE,...) {
     MAC<-Sys.info()[1]=="Darwin"    #are we on a Mac using the Darwin system?
    if (!MAC ) {if (header) 
             else read.clipboard<-read.table(file("clipboard"),...) }
     else {
    if (header) read.clipboard<-  read.table(pipe("pbpaste"),header=TRUE,...)
    else read.clipboard<- read.table(pipe("pbpaste"),...)}

With the addition of  a sep="," option, it can also read csv copied files:

"read.clipboard.csv" <-
function(header=TRUE,sep=',',...) {  #same as read.clipboard(sep=',')
     MAC<-Sys.info()[1]=="Darwin"    #are we on a Mac using the Darwin system?
    if (!MAC ) {if (header) 
             else read.clipboard<-read.table(file("clipboard"),sep,...) }
     else {
    if (header) read.clipboard<- 
    else read.clipboard<- read.table(pipe("pbpaste") ,sep,...)}


At 10:53 AM -0400 6/13/08, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>On Jun 13, 2008, at 4:43 AM, Emiliano Guevara wrote:
>>There's many ways to do it. I would suggest 
>>using comma separated values as a "bridge" 
>I find copy/paste more convenient for most 
>simple tables - simply select the table in 
>Numbers, press <Cmd><C> (Copy) and then read the 
>clipboard in R:
>>From Numbers, save your data as a .csv file (comma separated value).
>>Then, in R, import the data from the file using:
>>>  read.csv(file.csv)
>>That should be it,
>>Best wishes,
>>On Jun 13, 2008, at 05:34 AM, Peng Jiang wrote:
>>>Hi ,
>>>I have some data in Numbers, which is a data 
>>>managing software for Mac OS. How can I import 
>>>them to R ?
>>>Or how can I import my data from R to Numbers 
>>>?  Any interfaces between R and Numbers or 
>>>something ?
>>>I am a newbie so if the question is toooooo simple, please take it easy.
>>>Peng Jiang
>>>Ph.D. Candidate
>>>Antai College of Economics & Management
>>>Department of Mathematics
>>>Shanghai Jiaotong University (Minhang Campus)
>>>800 Dongchuan Road
>>>200240 Shanghai
>>>P. R. China
>>Emiliano R. Guevara
>>Facoltà di Lingue e Lett. Straniere
>>Dipart. di Lingue e Lett. Straniere
>>Università di Bologna
>>Via Cartoleria 5 (40124) Bologna, Italia
>>  http://morbo.lingue.unibo.it/
>>  emiliano.guevara at unibo.it
>>  emiguevara at gmail.com
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