[R-SIG-Mac] Package Manager down

Alan Kelly akelly at tcd.ie
Thu Feb 28 11:33:42 CET 2008

Hi, following an error in fitting a simulation model (using Zelig) I  
decided to check to see if I had the latest versions of various  
packages installed.  To shortcut this I  requested that all packages  
be updated using Package Installer.  This seemed to proceed OK until I  
received an error message saying something to the effect that it was  
unable to uninstall MASS (presumably to update it?).  I then went to  
Package Manager to see what version of MASS was actually installed (I  
was running under R 2.6.2 - so I had assumed that MASS would be fully  
up to date). I was unable to switch off or on MASS and the following  
error occurred:

Error in package.manager(is.loaded, pkgs, pkgs.desc, pkgs.url) :
   invalid arguments (length mismatch)
In addition: Warning message:
In .find.package(pkgs) : there is no package called 'file3ab50c2a'

I reinstalled R, but the above error appeared once again when I used  
the menu selection for Package Manager.
I'm working on a Mac G5 Dual core Intel OS version 10.5.1.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.
Many thanks,
Alan Kelly

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