[R-SIG-Mac] Bold titles in plots

Demitri Muna thatsanicehatyouhave at mac.com
Thu Feb 14 14:23:52 CET 2008

Hi Simon,

On 12 Feb 2008, at 21:11, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> thanks for the report. Apparently there is a bug in Leopard's font  
> management classes that returned the wrong (non-bold) font. I have  
> included a work-around in the current GUI. Please check out  
> tomorrow's nightly build of the GUI at
> http://r.research.att.com/

Thanks a lot for the quick fix - it works like a charm.

Another issue I've found is that if you select a quartz window and cmd- 
c copy, the window will become blank. Resizing will repaint the  
window. This is really a minor issue (i.e. don't waste time on it if  
it's not an issue in 2.0), but I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks again!


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