[R-SIG-Mac] Load Fortran dynamic shared library in

Ling-Jing Kao lingjing.kao at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 21:07:01 CET 2008


I am a windows user and consider switching to Mac.
Before I buy a Mac machine, I want to be sure that I can create a
Fortran shared object and load it into R in MacOS (Leopard).

I tried it on a colleague's Mac Pro after installing R-2.6.1.dmg in the system.
According to the information on CRAN, I think R-2.6.1.dmg should
already contain Fortran compiler.

Then I use the comment  "R CMD SHLIB -o file file.f" to compile a
fortan program "file.f".
 (I can compile this fortran code and load into R in Windows
environment without any problem.)

However, I get the following error message in Mac:

carrie-pans-mac-pro:PGdlldloglike carriepan$ R CMD SHLIB -o dloglike dloglike.f
/Library/Framework/R.framework/Resources/bin/SHLIB: line 161: make:
command not found

I don't really understand the meaning of this error message.
I really appreciate if Mac users here can provide solution or even the
procedure to create Fortran shared objective for R.


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