[R-SIG-Mac] install on 10.3.9

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Sat Dec 27 20:32:52 CET 2008

On Dec 27, 2008, at 10:13 AM, Carl Witthoft wrote:

>>> I'm a new user of MAC/Unix. I want R on a powerbook MAC with OS  
>>> 10.3.9.
>> How come a new user has a long-obsolete OS?
> So he got a free machine.  I use 10.3.9 at home on my snowball iMac  
> because it's solid, stable, and Just Works(tm).  Since the only  
> reason to blow a C-note on 10.4 (or 5) would be to let me use  
> various chunks of software, I haven't.

In fact 10.4 is quite a bit faster than 10.3 on the same (old)  
hardware, which is one of the reasons why 10.3 is so hard to find  
those days. Essentially anyone who keeps running 10.3 isn't really  
doing himself a favor, so it takes a really good reason to keep it ;).

>   I can do far more than I need w/ R-2.2.1 for home use.  I do use  
> 2.8.x at work (where, as a cheap old %$@*#^$#, I haven't upgraded  
> from 10.4.11 *_*).

The 10.4 vs 10.5 question is not that straight forward anymore -  
10.5's "felt" speed on PPC machines is actually slower than 10.4  
(regardless of RAM etc.), so it's all about features there. For Intel,  
there is no question, though ;).


> My recommendation to the OP would be to use 2.2.1 w/ the install  
> package unless there are specific R-packages you cant live without.
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