[R-SIG-Mac] sound::setWavPlayer()

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Aug 27 09:13:19 CEST 2008


first setWavPlayer() expects an UNIX shell command. To open it with  
e.g. QuickTime one should use this:

setWavPlayer('open -a \"QuickTime Player.app\"')

[Ignore the error message]

Then the tricky point is that QuickTime cannot open temp files written  
by the play() function (?maybe access rights; or the sound lib is  
written with Windows-like paths?)

Thus I wrote my own play() function

myplay <- function(s, ...) {
   f <- paste(tempdir(), "/Temp_Sound.wav", sep='')
   if (file.exists(f)) {file.remove(f)}
   saveSample(s, f)
   play(f, ...)

Now if I invoke myplay(s) QuickTime opens that temp file and I can  
press SPACE to play. If you want to play the sound automatically you  
can set this in QuickTime's preferences 'Automatically play movies  
when opened'

Other possibilities would be:
- look for a command line program for Leopard which can play wav files
- write an AppleScript script which takes the argument to open/play it  
with QuickTime; save that script and set setWavPlayer('osascript /PATH/ 


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